Red River Triumph Club

President’s Report – November 2017

Hello RRTC Members,

I can’t believe that October is over already it’s like it was  skipped from September straight to November. But then you remember the Red River European Motorcycle and Car show at TCC. It was quite a success! And then the breakfast run the following week that took us to Heaven’s Gate in Fort Worth and on to the fort worth air museum. While we are standing around in the parking lot of the museum, one of the ladies that runs the pace says to Samantha “If you want to take the cars around back and have them next to some of the planes we can do that”, without hesitation Samantha said “Yes please”. Once we got them around back the same woman said to Samantha “You can pull your cars into that helicopter if you want” even faster this time Samantha said “YES Please”. So we were able to get Samantha’s TR6 and Duncan’s Stag completely in a AH-51 Marine Helicopter at the same time! It was awesome, but made getting out of the car a very tight squeeze. We all got some really cool shots of cars and planes there. The inside tour was really informative. The museum was very well done, you can really tell those that run it love it and love to share stories.

The next thing we knew it was time to head up north and party with our friends on the wrong side of the Red River. What a good time, our hosts had everything well planned form the welcome party. That started with small circle of chairs around a fire, at the end was a huge circle of close to 30 chairs far away from the fire. The lunch on the second day was accentuated with Sheila Wood’s 90th, I mean 75th Birthday, then we had a great driving rally that went though some nice backroads and scenery.

And now we are in November, but it’s still warm enough to drop those tops and let the wind blow through what hair you have left.

See ya out there.

T.D. Hathcock
RRTC President