Red River Triumph Club

2018 Officer Elections and Kaufmann Award

At our holiday party on January 13, Duncan and Sheila Wood were presented with the annual RRTC Kaufmann Award. This award is given each year to one club member or family to recognize their outstanding contributions to the Red River Triumph Club.  Congratulations Duncan and Sheila!

We also elected a new slate of officers for 2018.  Congratulations to our new officers, and thanks for “volunteering”!

Paul Higley – President
John Hayes – Vice President
TD Hathcock – Webmaster

And big thanks, also, to the other officers who are continuing in their current roles:

Mike Sablehaus – Secretary
Lois Murphy – Membership
Cathy Pilcher – Treasurer
TD Hathcock – Newsletter Editor
Vickie Sablehaus – Regalia
Lorna Duke – Historian
Dave Pilcher – Events Coordinator