Red River Triumph Club

President’s Report – February 2018

Hello Red River Triumph Club,

Another new year with a club full of good friends and true Triumph devotees, a full slate of activities planned, club members filling all club positions and a club in very good shape. Jane and I are looking forward to 2018. We would like to start by thanking everyone for making the extended trip to the Christmas party/January meeting and to Lois and Chuck for doing so much preparation before the flu prevented them from hosting the meeting.

So, what are we doing this year? Well the “have something for everyone” approach sure has worked well. This should continue this year with breakfast runs, pool parties, lunch drives, turkey trot rally, monthly meetings, regional meet, the Red River Shootout, national meet, and all the interclub garage get togethers to help with everything from minor Triumph maintenance to engine overhauls (and occasional set downs with a favorite drink). It is hard to see how to add to this but please make suggestions. I know I have benefitted from members helping in my garage and I also know that every time I visit someone else’s garage, I learn something new or a better way to do something.

One item we have tried to have in past is a tech session at our monthly meetings. These do occur at times. The problem has been lining up someone to present one. If we ask at the present meeting for a subject people would like to see or for someone present at the next meeting, there would be a few weeks to prepare a talk. Announcing the tech session subject in the RRTC newsletter before the following meeting might both have a tech session of interest and maybe increase meeting attendance. Maybe this should be an informal last item in the meeting.

So, for this next meeting, I will offer a discussion of what I have learned on how to improve alignment of doors on a TR3 or maybe any Triumph. This will touch on where to buy or how to make the spacers needed, how to fix worn hinges or other cures for sagging doors, fix the door travel limit and prevent future metal fatigue in the door. I am learning as I go. But we can start and see what suggestions are offered while we go.

We could also include in our meetings a section to have members bring up where you see a sale from Moss or The Roadster Factory or the best buy place specific parts or who did a great job with a repair. I need a new white top for my TR3 and they are scarce since the originals were all black. Suggestions?

Cheers and
drive them, don’t hide them!