Red River Triumph Club

President’s Report – March 2018

Hello Red River Triumph Club,

The weather is offering up some great short periods when the sun in out and the temperatures are warm enough to really enjoy a drive in the triumph, without calling it a Polar Bear run. That said, the Polar Bear Rally put together by Samantha and TD on Sir John Black’s birthday was a well planned and attended event. To TD and Samantha, a hearty “thank you” for your efforts. It was enjoyable despite the weather doing its best to earn being called a polar bear rally. TD drove the run in his TR3 with the top down and no side curtains but with a very warm hat. By contrast, and three weeks later, I drove the TR3 around a bit today and it was above 70 degrees and sunny.

So, the weather is improving. The door is back in place on the TR3, the overdrive is working reliably, a few more leaks have been fixed and a few new small leaks have been found. Once the big leaks are cured, the small ones became visible. One was on the flexible rear brake line, another on
the flexible line to the oil filter, two more on the carburetors and a pan gasket. The latter not unexpected and more likely called a
given. The lesson for me is to check the flexible hoses on your brake lines. These flexible line leaks were all between the rubber
hose and the metal termination and appeared to be just age related. The oil line could be messy but a popped brake line could
have been a lot worse. The replacement parts were readily available except for the flexible line to the oil gage. Even Rimmer Brothers
in the UK did not have them. Then came a new catalog from Victoria British and not only was it available, but on sale. So progress
is being made, at least on one car.

The regional meet in Conroe is coming up soon and with the warmer weather it might be good to get some miles on the car so you have time to address any issue before the meet. I hope everyone that can go is planning to do so. The Houston club would like to have people register soon if you have not done so already.

The February club meeting tech session was a good start. There were many good suggestions from club members on how to address the TR3 door sag problem. It helped when going to put the door back in place. The obvious conclusion here is that there is so much experience within the club on any Triumph related repair, that maybe we should just bring up a subject, get a discussion going and we can all learn from each other.

So, for the March meeting we will have a tech session at the end of the meeting and try a new format. We will start with an update to the last session and then address a new subject. During the last meeting we talked about TR3 door alignment with spacers for hinges and bumpers for the door limit linkage. The update has a method for repairing sloppy hinges and making new door stop bumpers. There is a very elaborate way and a simple and probably just as effective way. The new subject will be balancing and tuning multiple carbs. Hopefully, this month’s meeting will bring to light some useful techniques.

Cheers and
drive them, don’t hide them!