Red River Triumph Club

President’s Report April 2018

The President’s Report

by Paul Higley

Hello Red River Triumph Club,

Last month we reported on the Polar Bear Rally and this month we are reporting on an Autocross run on a windy but near 80 degree day. Spring has sprung. We give a hearty thanks to Ray and Ruth Josey for their considerable efforts in setting up and running the Autocross at the community college. We also want to thank several people that showed up early and some that even stayed late to help make this a success. We also thank Dennis for the timing equipment that survived and operated throughout the changing sun angles on the sensors. We all have 5 runs through a course that at first looked confusing but really worked out very well. The only cone to get knocked was in the stop gate by the first car to run. DNFs were virtually non-existent and the competition was excellent. We had new members join and bring an MG, Fiat and our own Jiri brought his newly acquired Volvo. My driving skills seemed to suffer a bit having been beaten by TD and a number of others including a certain fellow in a very quick Stag!  All I can say is that you are both lucky Mike did not bring his TR3B to hold up the easterners end of things. It really was a great event and I hope we can make this an annual event and find a way to make it less work for Ruth and Ray in the process.

Maybe all this practice will pay off in the near to occur regional meet in Conroe later this month. The regional meet in Conroe is but days away. If you have not, please register very soon!

Please take note of the change in meeting location voted upon in the last meeting. There is an announcement and location elsewhere in this newsletter.

News from the garage is that progress has been slow in the last month. I did get the SUs back together and installed in the TR3 that went to the autocross. But this was done without new seals on the main jet shaft, I had to rely on some Never Seize to temporarily make very old and hard cork seals hold together until they could be replaced with new o-ring seals. The Caterham still does not have a speedometer installed but I did find a way to add a little Triumph DNA to the Caterham. I found a Smiths TR8 speedometer with suitable innards that could be adapted to the Caterham housing. So I now have a choice. Do I put in the epoxy glued together mechanism from the original speedometer or modify a number of parts to get the Triumph sourced speedometer mechanism in to the Caterham speedometer housing. Time and some garage time will tell.

The March club meeting tech session was on balancing multiple carburetors. The plan for the April meeting will be to have Duncan explain his experiences with a computer controlled variable speed water pump and fan controller he has installed on the Stag. I sounds like it could help other Triumphs in the soon to come warmer months.

Cheers and drive them, don’t hide them!