Red River Triumph Club

Presidents Report May 2018

Hello Red River Triumph Club,


This month has been busy and eventful. Starting with the last monthly meeting I would like to thank Duncan for bringing information and a discussion on his electronic controlled coolant system he has installed in his Stag. I will also extend birthday greetings as I am writing this on his 80th birthday.

Having missed the last meeting do to tough duty involving a job to do in Saint Lucia, I cannot pass on any information on the experiment with holding the monthly meeting at Bone Daddy’s so I will leave that to others. The weather, food and people really were wonderful in St. Lucia but I still content it was work. Would I go again if the chance came up? Yes.

So on to some comments on the VTR South Central Regional meet hosted by the Texas Triumph Register in Conroe. Once again, this regional meet was a wonderful event and a great chance to catch up with friends and exercise the cars a bit. Although we planned to bring the TR3B which now has a working overdrive, the recent travels left me just a little short of time. I could not cure the dragging brake that showed up during our club autocross, at least  not  in time to drive it to Houston. Jane and I made a last minute change of plans and brought the Herald instead of the TR3B. This worked well for the rally and local drives. And after the concours we discovered a new way to appreciate the Herald. We were looking for a place to sit out of the cold breeze and have lunch. Just the right size and we even had cover in case the predicted rain appeared.

Anyone that remembers a previous regional meet when we tried to autocross the Herald, knows this is not an autocross car. Especially when one of us, who shall remain nameless, demonstrated a propensity to spin the Herald.

So when we showed up with the Herald, Mike Hado thought I would fare better in his TR4 than risking a repeat performance in the Herald. He offered me the opportunity to autocross his TR4. A VERY Hearty thank you to Mike. He had brought his TR3 and the TR4 so he had an extra car available. The TR4 is his car set up for the long distance travels and, although he was only a week from departing on their long distance tour, he still trusted me with his car. It was fun and I had not driven a TR4 for some 30 or more years. It was really well set up  for a long tour, though I must admit I had not seen a cruise control in a TR4 before. Duncan was quite interested in this for the Stag. So I suspect Mike will be hearing from Duncan on how that was obtained and installed.

I also took a bit more advantage of having the TR4 at the autocross and took my granddaughter through the Funkana after autocross.  I will bring our TR3 to another regional and Mike Hado and I will resume our competition in the TR3s.  But for now, Mike’s generous offer shows what friends we can have from these regular regional gatherings.

The national meet is next and then the Red River Shootout. I would encourage everyone to attend these if you possibly can.

Cheers and drive them, don’t hide them!