Red River Triumph Club

Presidents Report June 2018

Hello Red River Triumph Club,


This month has again been busy. We had a great turn out at the white Rock Lake All British and European car show. There were more than 300 cars with a wide variety of cars. Unfortunately, the large turnout caused our contingent to be mostly along the entrance road. This made it look like a lot of parked cars coming to the meet than entrants. We will have a word with Kip and crew about this for next year. On the other hand the Kip Motors folks and their volunteers did a great job of staffing the event.

Tom Harrison’s TR3, David’s Gt6 and Duncan’s Gloria Southern Cross all took ribbons.

Jane and I had promised our neighbor, whose husband had assembled this Caterham, at trip to a car show. So Jane and I took the Super 7 to the meet. It was well received by the Lotus group and took a 1st of the 11 or 12 Lotus cars there.

Since it was still not officially on the road, we took the Super 7 in the trailer along with the 1909 Triumph which also took a 1st in motorcycles. I learned not to feed the old bike regular gas. Normally, we dilute the gas with a bit of diesel or kerosene to make it run better. In the haste to get to the meet, I neglected to do so and paid dearly as a result. It took seemingly forever to get it started and would not nearly as well as when fed gas more like that available in 1909. A lesson learned. A sticking float valve also did not help.

The Super 7 however ran well. Thanks to Jeff Sloan at British Motors, I learned a lot about the car after he had a chance to see it in person. I had not realized how original a 40th anniversary edition duplicate of the 1957 Lotus Super 7 this car represents. Even the engine block is correct for the period and body panels and frame made by the same that made the 1957 Super 7. We also met the person that had the Caterham dealership before Jeff and had sold this car just a month or so before Jeff took over the dealership. He remembered this car and the owner’s efforts on it well.

We also have a contingent from the RRTC about to put in an appearance at the annual gathering of Pre-40 Triumphs in England. Duncan and Sheila, Jane and I, John and Linda Hayes and Mike and Vicki Sabelhaus are all attending the scheduled meet on June 9th and 10th. I am writing this from Ireland as I promised Jane a non-car related holiday for our 40th anniversary. We are making the 1st half of the trip non-car related before going to England. It’s a start. At least I am ½ the way there. All of us are going to miss the blueberry picking and the next monthly meeting. I hope someone finds they picked more blueberries than they need. We really like going to these with the club, in addition to my addiction to blueberries. The national meet is next and then the Red River Shootout. I would encourage everyone to attend these events if you possibly can.


Cheers and drive them, don’t hide them!