Red River Triumph Club

Presidents Report August 2018

Hello Red River Triumph Club,

Another month of summer and the temperature has reached the 100’s and then some.

One might think the Texas summer warm spell chased a us to Wisconsin for the VTR National meet. But that was not the reason for making the near 1,000 mile jaunt. We had just enough time to make the trip and had promised to be there, so off we went this time with the TR3 on a flat bed trailer.

Jane and I have been driving the TR3 a good deal more now that the overdrive and brakes are working. We have had the usual occasional beep from a horn and thumbs up from people that liked the car, but this trip did a lot to reminded us how much people like seeing the older classic sports cars. Dare I say cars that are not all cookie cutter alike in appearance?  The 1,000 mile tow each way with the TR3 on an open trailer was faster, easier and allowed far better fuel mileage than using the box trailer. But using an open trailer pointed out something we had been missing when towing a closed trailer. People really like seeing these Triumphs. No one knew what was in the box trailer. I lost count of the number of thumbs up, questions about the car, grins, kids pointing it out to their parents, parents pointing the Triumph out to their kids and folks hanging out of their car to take a picture of the Triumph. It is good to have our Triumphs out there and seen. Of course, this was even more the case when there were about 180 Triumphs driving around La Crosse. I am sure we were not alone in finding so many people really interested in seeing these cars. I was impressed with the enthusiastic response all along the way. More on the VTR meet later in the newsletter.

The next event was the pool party. A dip in the pool is a good thing to do this time of the year and Jim and Tamara Newbre provided a wonderful opportunity to do so. This is especially true after a 55 minute drive in a Triumph in “warm” weather. Tamara told me where they obtained the barbequed beef and I have already forgotten the name. But I will not forget how good it was or wonderful and very plentiful the barbeque sauce was. The one Triumph that braved the warm drive was our TR3 with Jane serving as navigator. In hoping that she would be willing to take the Triumph, I shut off the heater we used a week back in Wisconsin, put up the top as a sun shade, and pulled the Triumph “air conditioning” vent fully up. Low and behold she was once again in the TR3 for another ride. I am lucky. The new overdrive worked perfectly and we could easily keep up with traffic on 635. This is not something we would try before the overdrive. But ,it did not take long for me to realize we were not missing anything by staying off the interstate highways. Tractor trailer rigs on either side of a small TR3 at 70mph made me think the slower side roads were a far more pleasant way to travel. The ride home after dusk was slower, cooler and far less stressful. Still taking the 3 out for the ride was worth it.

The Red River Shootout with the Oklahoma City club is the next big event and definitely another “not to be missed event”. I encourage everyone to attend these events if you possibly can.

Cheers and drive them, don’t hide them!