Hello Red River Triumph Club,

Another month of summer and the temperature is still in the 100’s. It is cool enough in the morning to take a drive in a Triumph and maybe later in the day if your cooling system is working well and maybe if you have more “air conditioning” than the vent on the bonnet of the TR3s.

Speaking of cooling systems, the debate goes on regarding waterless coolant. This was the subject of last month’s tech session. There is a follow up article below. Anyone with experience with a waterless coolant is encouraged to step forward! I would be glad to do a comparison but it is not a simple task to change back and forth between coolants. Thank you to John Hayes for starting the conversation. Now let’s see what John has for our next discussion.

Looking forward, it is time to make reservations for the Red River Shoot Out with our Oklahoma City friends.

This used to be a friendly, but fierce competition, to see which club could muster the most members to show up and thus take home the “shorts”.

The competitive part has toned back a bit since the “fire” but is no less of an event to enjoy.

In place of the handing off of the Shorts, we now have a photo box and add a few photos every year of the previous Shoot Out.

It alternates years, taking up residence north and south of the Red River. Jane and I find these gatherings at least as enjoyable, if not more so, than the VTR regional or National meets.

The pace is a little more laid back and the libations a little more frequent. God Bless the Margarita Machines and those that feed and operate them.

The same goes for the folks that put on the rally and those that bring on the cookies and goodies. Time seems to go by too fast, except maybe right now. October 19th cannot arrive too quickly.

This Month’s Tech Session will be on:

“Gas Octane Boosters”   (what works and what does not work)

We all come to the meeting to catch up and talk with our friends so at the end of the meeting it is a bit noisy in the room to hold the tech session. So we will hold the tech session as a part of the meeting instead of after the end of the regular meeting.

The next club monthly meeting is Tuesday, September 11. Why not attend and say hello.

Cheers and drive them, don’t hide them!