Hello Red River Triumph Club,


A slight reduction in the daily high temperatures and we have more comfortable Triumph driving days. The 32 Southern Cross, the Herald and the TR3 have all been exercised a bit this last month. And Jane and I took a 1st real drive in the Caterham now that we have a working speedometer and some higher octane gas. There is a little news later on the how we are getting this gas. Pages 36-38 of the Oct 2018 RRTC Newsletter

The real subject to address here is the RRTC European Car and Motorcycle show. Hopefully you are reading this before Saturday morning as this is the weekend for our scholarship fund raiser at Tarrant Community College. Last years’ show was a great event with lots of interesting cars and people. I hope everyone makes the effort to come. The weather now looks to be good until very late Saturday night. It would be nice to have over a hundred cars this year. We should also get the chance to meet this years’ scholarship recipient. I am sure TD will have more information later in the newsletter (or maybe early depending on his layout). The car show is from 10 to 2 pm at the Tarrant Community College South Campus just north of I20 at Campus Drive. Even from Plano, it is less than an hour drive.

There were more than 20 of us that made it to the regionals earlier this year in Houston.

We should be able to have twice as many show up for a good cause that is right here in our home territory.

How many of us will have a RRTC car badge on display?

I have a spare badge mount for a badge bar if you are interested.

This Month’s Tech Session will be on:

How about oil leaks? Not the fact that we have them, or if it was intentionally included in the initial design, or whether having a car that marked its spot is useful. Bring your favorite cures, most frustrating leaks, or the one leak that just cannot be cured. How about we take a look at what really causes some of these leaks and the many types of seals or lack of seals in the design of Triumphs.

We all come to the meeting to catch up and talk with our friends, both before and after the meeting. So we will try last months’ plan again as it seemed to work well.  So we will hold a condensed version of the tech session as a part of the meeting, and then continue it after we close the meeting.

The next club monthly meeting is Tuesday, October the 9th. Why not attend and say hello.

Cheers and drive them, don’t hide them!