The President’s Report

by Paul Higley


Hello Red River Triumph Club,

It has been a warm but very wet month. Still we have had opportunities to drive our cars.

The best example of this, was the Red River Shootout with our friends from the COVTR.

It had been raining constantly the week before the shootout. The long period of heavy rain did not quite stop in time for those driving up on Friday afternoon. But it did clear out in time to have two beautiful days in Muenster. I admire those from both clubs that drove their Triumphs through the heavy rains Friday to get to Muenster. Jane and I had a late start and we trailered the TR3. The thought of rush hour traffic, in heavy rain, just did not look appealing. The drive home towing a trailer on a nice driving day made me wish it had not rained so hard on Friday.

Thank you to the organizers Jim and Barbara Thompson and Dave and Cathy Pilcher and the others that helped put on this shootout. An especially mighty thanks to Ron for opening his home-based machine shop and giving us a demo of some of his many machining abilities. I know I learn some new methods and appreciated some of the parts he has made for Spitfires and other cars.

I also learned a better appreciation for some of the countryside as the rally took us through some beautiful rolling country with NO traffic. I saw more Triumphs on the road during the rally than any other cars. It was a wonderful place to have a driving event.

The rally winners included Ruth and Ray Josey, Lonny and Kay Wall and Jane and me. Thank you, Dave and Cathy for a great rally. (not that my opinion was biased by the outcome of course) And, thank you to Helen for the prize baskets. The dinner was held at a place well known by Ronnie. He guided us to the right place.

People on the move with club help:

Once again, or actually twice this month, our club turned out in numbers to help our members. This time it was to help people move to their new homes. Duncan and Sheila moved from their Grapevine home to a new home in North Richland Hills. In addition to managing trials and tribulations of shifting closing dates, they still managed to pack a great number of boxes in preparation for a day of moving. The word was out and the club showed up with two trailers, numerous pickups, SUV’s and lots and lots of helping hands.  Tons of boxes and possessions were loaded up, driven to their new home and unloaded all in less than two hours. I had never seen that many boxes picked up, stacked into trailers, unpacked from trailers, carried and stacked in the new house in so little time. We were done in less than two hours including the 8 mile drive to the new home. Great packing and organizing by Duncan and Sheila and well done by the club members. I wrote down all the names of people that helped but along with a few hats, several pairs of glasses and a pen or two, I lost the notes.


The next event was to help move Dave and Cathy from their Aledo home(s) to their new home in Grandview. Again, there was a great turn out by the club and trailers loaded. The drive to the new home was a good deal longer than for Duncan and Sheila but the task was still done in good time. Dave and Cathy were looking at an approaching deadline to be out of the Aledo address so the help was certainly appreciated. The recent rains had made distributing the items to the right places in Grandview a bit challenging, but it was all done and Jane and I back in Plano in time for a bite to eat and a drive in the Super 7.

The next big event is the Turkey Trot Rally put on by Dave and Cathy Pilcher. This has become another annual event that is best not missed. I particularly enjoy the turkey dinner following the rally. A couple of turkeys are deep fried and everyone brings a side dish or desert.

On the home front, we have been driving the cars quite a bit, at least when it was not raining. I thought that last Thursday was drive your TR3 to work day. But I was wrong, so it must have been Friday, so I drove it to work again. Nope, wrong again. I will keep trying to get this right as long as we have sunny days.  

 This Month’s Tech Session will be another attempt at a discussion on seals in our cars. This time I hope to be better prepared.

Cheers and drive them, don’t hide them!