Hello Red River Triumph Club,

Looking back over the month, it has been busy. The month started on a high note with the Turkey Trot Rally. Unfortunately, this was followed by the sad news of the passing of Max Speegle of the COVTR. Then there was more sad news of the passing of Mike Cook. Max was a longtime member of COVTR and most recently editor of their newsletter. Mike Cook was, at least in my view, the heart of the VTR, with a long history with Triumph and editor of “The Vintage Triumph”, magazine of the VTR.

Mike Cook with his ever-present camera on the job getting pictures for the next VTR issue.

The Turkey Trot Rally put on by Dave and Cathy Pilcher. They set up a start just off I20 and wound around ending up at their new home in Granview for a Thanksgiving Turkey dinner. The rally winners included Jiri Prevatil and Judy Hooper taking 1st place, followed closely by Ruth and Ray Josey, and Jane and me following in third. The dinner included a couple of turkeys cooked by Dave Pilcher with the help of Dave Fox and many side dishes and deserts by everyone attending. So we find ourselves, for the second month in a row, giving our thanks to Dave and Cathy for a great rally and this month for hosting the gathering at the end of the rally.

Looking forward we will have our usual monthly meeting on Tuesday December 11. And the monthly meeting in January will be our Christmas party hosted by Chuck and Lois Murphy. For those who have not attended, this is a not to be missed event with tours of the cars and car related items in Chuck’s collection. And Yes TD, I will host the polar bear run in February. I don’t know the route yet but I am scouting out some possible roads suitable for a rally.

It has been a not always been warm this month but it still has provided a few great weather days for driving a Triumph. This was coming home from work with the temperature still above 70. Someone not familiar with Triumphs might not be able to identify the car in this night shot.

This Month’s Tech Session will be a quick refresher on maintenance for the winter months.

Cheers and drive them, don’t hide them!