Hello Red River Triumph Club,

Once again it has been a busy month.

That is a huge understatement, we just finished putting on the SCVTR regional.

I started writing this with the intention of thanking everyone that made this event come off flawlessly. It is a long list. I tried to thank everyone at the closing night banquet but I am sure I left out some of the many club members that made it work or did not mention some of the things that each person did. I know I left out thanking Jane for the dessert items at the welcome party and probably several that helped out at registration. I left out the making of the awards (TD) and designing the logo (TD’s Daughter Taylor), coming up with the theme (Ruth and TD). I could not possibly know all the names of family and friends that Mark and Sonya enlisted to make props and man the Funkana, or getting all the regalia ordered, (Samantha).  Or how about whoever it was that brought back Elvis so he could mug with all the winners at the banquet. Hopefully there will be a few pictures of this later in the newsletter. I know I did not mention the people involved with the breakfast and dinner runs. But please accept my thanks to all involved for a great event. There are many facets to putting on such a complete event. Without a dedicated core team lead by TD and Ruth, it would be difficult to see how it could come at all , let alone so well.

And it did come off very well. We had many people stop by after the awards banquet to say how much they enjoyed it or thought it was well done or just to thank us for putting on a great event.

It started off well with a finely dressed crowd at the welcome party. Have a look at the Woods and Sabelhaus enjoying the Two Guys music.

One of the fears was that the autocross space was so small it would be a very short run. Well it was a fast run but had lots of challenges and with up to 8 runs, all in rapid succession, you really could get plenty of an adrenalin rush. I saw lots of grime determination before the runs and board grins at the finish so I call it a great success.

The presidents meeting was held during the regional and one of the subjects of concern was how we will continue having the regional every year. We did have fewer cars than normal this year. Some would attribute this to the national VTR meet being held in Texas this year but there were a lot of names that either could not attend or planned to attend but had to cancel either due to health issues or other commitments. COVTR will hold the next regional meet in North Oklahoma City and with the help of the Green Country club. San Antonio is helping the Hill country club with the national which would bring the 2021 regional back to Houston. This would be very close to doing last regional and might not be acceptable to TTR. We will discuss this at the RRTC next meeting.

There were other things happening this month. I did not get a chance to go to the White Rock Lake ABCDE car event. It is one of the few car shows I try to attend. I did hear it was well attended with some 38 Triumphs present. Did this out number the MGS?

Cheers and drive them, don’t hide them!   Paul