The President’s Report

by Paul Higley

Hello Red River Triumph Club,

Summers are great for lots of things to do. This month I had an entirely unexpected experience when trying to renew my driver’s license. The story is told later in this newsletter. If you need to renew your license in the near future, this might help. I also learned of something that should be added to the check list when diagnosing a problem with an overdrive. A discussion of this is also later in this newsletter.

The pool party at Jim and Tamara Nebre’s home was great, despite the occasional rain. It was a pool party and some were destined to get wet anyway. We did stay out of the pool during the thunder storm but the back yard covered porch was easily large enough for all of us to continue with the discussions at hand and partake in the barbeque, salads, side dished and deserts. The accessories with the Newbre pool are unique, decorative and include sheets of water flow and a light show. Thank you to the Newbres for once again hosting a fine gathering.

Jane and I had planned on driving the TR3 to the Newbre’s house but the storms meant the Herald was pressed into service. It was due for a long run anyway and it performed nearly flawlessly. I only need to find out why the windshield wipers stopped mid-screen and refused to budge. They did work when it rained and it was dry on the return trip so no harm, no foul.

Both Jane and I completed another orbit of the sun during this last month. I keep thinking we have everything we need. However, a real air conditioner really should be on the list. So, the big event was getting central air conditioning working again. What a difference. We fired it up this last Thursday and, when the temperature in the kitchen dropped below 82, Jane went for a sweater and warm socks. This AC thing will take some adjusting. The good news is we will have air conditioning in the house if the July temperatures by the pool get a little too hot. So please plan on coming to our home, or at least the pool, on the 20th.

My son David came to visit with his wife and our 7 year old granddaughter, Sophia. Sophia wore me out with swimming in the pool and walks to the playground. I needed a distraction. I found rides in the old cars was equally interesting to her so we went for several rides. The 32 Southern Cross was one of her favorites and we did some driving around in this car for the 4th of July. However, she thought it best if we stopped to buy an American Flag so she could wave while we drove around town in a British car. Now there is a 7 year old that is thinking. She also knows how to signal turns with her arm out where the window would be if we had one. Another car enthusiast.

Hope to see you at the meeting and the Saturday breakfast run.

Cheers and drive them, don’t hide them! Paul