Hello Red River Triumph Club,

Let’s start with some news.

While the August meeting will be held at our normal time and place, September’s monthly RRTC meeting will be at Tommie and Susan Cooks home. It will not be held at our normal time. Instead of the second Tuesday night, we will hold the September RRTC meeting on Sunday the 8th of September starting at 3 PM. The meeting will be a combination of a meeting, a pool party, and a tech session. Refreshments will be served. You are welcome to bring along a side dish or dessert or just a favorite snack. This will be an informal meal. More importantly, Tommie and Susan ask that you make an effort to bring along, or otherwise encourage to come, a club member that does not usually attend the monthly meetings. We hope that holding our meeting on a weekend day will bring together club members that do not often see at the monthly meetings. Think of those that do not show on the weekday either due to the rush-hour traffic or those that are working and are bushed after a full day at work or those that travel during the week but can make a weekend meeting. It will be great to have some new/old members come.

This month was busy for Jane and me. We want to thank those that made the trip to the east to the pool party at our home. It is likely safe to say that it enjoyed by all. Not to mention all the food that appeared. We had lots of great leftovers, so thanks to all that came and for bringing all the great food and drink.

I did get some needed garage time and worked on brakes in both the 32 and the 35 Southern Cross. Thankfully at the same time there were a couple of really great emails between members on brake fluid and compatibility with modern and older brake parts. These emails were between Dale Will in Colorado and a fellow in England with the pre-40 Triumph club and others here in our RRTC. I found them very informative and encouraging. Although these were great articles, they may be a bit long for the newsletter so maybe we can post them on our web site. I will put a note on the brake work with a summary of these emails later in the newsletter.

We had a number of RRTC members sign up this last month for the national meet in Dripping Springs. This should be a great meet and a National VTR meeting that is local and we are not putting it on so plan to come if you can.

Hope to see you at the August meeting and the Saturday breakfast run. We will have a short tech session on brake fluids, compatibility and bleeding issues at the monthly meeting.

Cheers and drive them, don’t hide them! Paul