The President’s Report  

by Paul Higley 

Hello Red River Triumph Club, 

We have two months to catch up after not having a formal monthly meeting in October. It was a very busy October. The VTR National meet in Dripping Springs was hosted by the Hill Country Triumph Club, our RRTC car show followed at the Community College and then the Red River Shoot Out was hosted by the COVTR at Lake Murray. What a change from September. The hot weather broke just in time for the national meet and the storms all seemed to just miss each event.  

The VTR National meet was really well done and we thank the HCTC for stepping up to host it this year. Troubles with seals leaking when trying to finish a brake system rebuild on the Gloria were traced to faulty parts. I will address this in a tech note later in this newsletter. Finally, finishing the Gloria brakes allow us to bring it to the meet. We had the Gloria SX and the TR3B ready but could only get one to Dripping Springs so it was the Southern Cross that went. Jane and I were so busy with the Concours, we did not do some of the longer drives. I did take it to the Olive Grove Drive and we did our best at the Funkana. I am pretty sure Duncan and Sheila beat our time. You can find 850 of the 4,400 pictures taken by Shawn Frank during the meet at Shawn Frank’s facebook posts on “VTR National 2019 Concours on Mercer.”  

The TR3 had to wait for the Red River Shoot Out but it did get about 350 miles of driving going to and from Lake Murray. With Jane under the weather for the weekend, I drive the TR3 to Ardmore alone and drove the rallye in the TR3 with Kurt Hollenbeck as the navigator. Dave Hogan had included enough challenging questions, Kurt and I decided to just drive the rallye. The drive was beautiful, with very little or no traffic on all the roads. I sure hope Dave did not mind all the ridiculous answers we used to fill in the blanks. My thanks for COVTRs efforts. It will be our turn next year. Suggestions for a venue are welcome. Holding this at the Lake Murray park works very well but another site suggestion would also be good.  

The weather for each event followed the same pattern with rain ending just before it started and not returning until after things concluded and beautiful weather during each event.    

This month should be quiet by comparison, but it will not be lacking in things do with your club members. Jim and Judi Fitzgerald will host a breakfast on Saturday the 2nd at their home in Allen. We will hold our monthly meeting back at Bone Daddy’s in Grapevine on Tuesday the 12th and we will have the club breakfast on the Saturday after the monthly meeting. Then, later in the month, Dave and Cathy will again host the Turkey Trot Rallye ending at their home for a Thanksgiving turkey dinner.  

We hope to see you at the all the November events.   

Cheers and drive them, don’t hide them!