Hello Red River Triumph Club,

Jane and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. The timing of this holiday is correctly placed near the end of the year as it does cause me to stop and think of the gatherings and events and those that put forth the effort to make the club successful. From the January Christmas party, the polar bear rally, our club autocross, the pool parties, the regional and national meets, the car shows, club breakfasts and especially those hosted at member’s homes, the Red River Shoot Out, lunch drives, monthly meetings, the recent Turkey Trot Rally and dinner, the club has a lot to be thankful. We as RRTC members should be and are thankful and appreciate those that put in the effort to make all these things happen and those who work in the background to keep track of the funds, write up the meeting notes, plan the events, and make the regalia available. Maybe one of the things we enjoy most is the friendship and support from fellow club members whether it is car related or just being there when a need arises. Becoming more involved and taking part in more club activities makes all of this more available to you. So, we hope to see you at the upcoming club Christmas Party, once again hosted by Chuck and Lois Murphy. Come and reacquaint with your friends and meet some of the new members and enjoy the RRCT. Think about how you can become more active.  We elect future club officers and award the Don Kaufman award and have tours of the garages and the fine cars.

This month lost our good friend and long time club member Dave Kuykendall. Gary Matesic had Dave’s TR6 make a return to Longview for the funeral. There was a good turnout of club members and having the car there meant a good deal to his family.

Many of us enjoyed the Turkey Trot Rally hosted by Dave and Cathy and many more of us attended the turkey dinner at their ranch.  What a great feast! Thank you to the Pilchers.

Jim and Judi Fitzgerald hosted a wonderful breakfast at their home in Allen. The spread of breakfast goodies by both the Fitzgeralds and attendees was certainly enjoyed.  

This is being written from Nashville, Tn. as Jane and I are in the process delivering George’s TR6 to him in Maryland. Thanks to Mike Sabelhaus the car is running really well.

Cheers and drive them, don’t hide them!   Paul