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President’s Report – March 2018

Hello Red River Triumph Club, The weather is offering up some great short periods when the sun in out and the temperatures are warm enough to really enjoy a drive in the triumph, without calling it a Polar Bear run. That said, the Polar Bear Rally put together by Samantha and TD on Sir John Black’s birthday was a well planned and attended event. To TD and Samantha, a hearty “thank you” for your efforts. It was enjoyable despite the weather doing its best to earn being called a polar bear rally. TD drove the run in his TR3 with the top down and no side curtains but with a very warm hat. By contrast, and three weeks later, I drove the TR3 around a bit today and it was above 70 degrees and sunny. So, the weather is improving. The door is back in place on the TR3, the

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President’s Report – February 2018

Hello Red River Triumph Club, Another new year with a club full of good friends and true Triumph devotees, a full slate of activities planned, club members filling all club positions and a club in very good shape. Jane and I are looking forward to 2018. We would like to start by thanking everyone for making the extended trip to the Christmas party/January meeting and to Lois and Chuck for doing so much preparation before the flu prevented them from hosting the meeting. So, what are we doing this year? Well the “have something for everyone” approach sure has worked well. This should continue this year with breakfast runs, pool parties, lunch drives, turkey trot rally, monthly meetings, regional meet, the Red River Shootout, national meet, and all the interclub garage get togethers to help with everything from minor Triumph maintenance to engine overhauls (and occasional set downs with a

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President’s Report – January 2018

Hello RRTC Members, Welcome to 2018, hopefully we will have a big year, there are already some fun items on the schedule. Lets start with the annual Christmas party at the Murphy’s on the 13th, I’m already hungry thinking about all the good food there. Samantha and I have tested and completed the route and rally for the Polar Bear Rally, now we are just working on the “Fabulous Prizes”. The 2018 Regionals in Lake Conroe is looking like it’s gonna be a blast and the venue looks spectacular. I have already begun menu planning for the 3rd annual Breakfast run to our house in May or June. There will surely a be a pool party or two this summer. We will have the 2nd annual Red River European Motorcycle and car show, should be bigger and better than the 1st. Dave Pilcher and Jim Thompson have taken the reigns

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President’s Report – December 2017

Hello RRTC Members, Well December is here, but you could not tell until this last week by the weather we have been having. Hope you all have been using this good weather to get some last miles of 2017 on your Triumphs. Duncan and Sheila had Samantha’s TR6 seats restuffed and they are like brand new, looking forward to some lengthy drives in those new seats. It has almost been a year since I was elected President, while it is generally “understood” that this is a two year term, I believe that would also only apply to someone wearing only 1 RRTC hat, the Presidents hat. I have spent the better part of a year in every newsletter and meeting asking for someone to take over the newsletter. Since I have not found anyone to take on the role as newsletter editor, I will resign as President at the January

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President’s Report – November 2017

Hello RRTC Members, I can’t believe that October is over already it’s like it was  skipped from September straight to November. But then you remember the Red River European Motorcycle and Car show at TCC. It was quite a success! And then the breakfast run the following week that took us to Heaven’s Gate in Fort Worth and on to the fort worth air museum. While we are standing around in the parking lot of the museum, one of the ladies that runs the pace says to Samantha “If you want to take the cars around back and have them next to some of the planes we can do that”, without hesitation Samantha said “Yes please”. Once we got them around back the same woman said to Samantha “You can pull your cars into that helicopter if you want” even faster this time Samantha said “YES Please”. So we were

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