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Feb 2019 Presidents Report

Hello Red River Triumph Club, It has been busy this month and will get busier next month as we approach the time our club will host the regional meet at Tanglewood. A well attended planning meeting was held at Tanglewood and progress was made. However, we will need to have some more volunteers for a few events. We had a great turnout for the East Side breakfast gathering with 14 members attending and a few Triumphs announcing our presence at Poor Richards in Plano. With but a few miles between my house and the breakfast I arrived in the Gloria and parked with a few TR6s. It also seems to be the month to change and balance tires as we had three weekend get togethers around the old tire changing machine. Duncan and John Hayes helped setting up and filling new shelving in my garage. The shelving should help making

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December 2018 Presidents report

Hello Red River Triumph Club, Looking back over the month, it has been busy. The month started on a high note with the Turkey Trot Rally. Unfortunately, this was followed by the sad news of the passing of Max Speegle of the COVTR. Then there was more sad news of the passing of Mike Cook. Max was a longtime member of COVTR and most recently editor of their newsletter. Mike Cook was, at least in my view, the heart of the VTR, with a long history with Triumph and editor of “The Vintage Triumph”, magazine of the VTR. Mike Cook with his ever-present camera on the job getting pictures for the next VTR issue. The Turkey Trot Rally put on by Dave and Cathy Pilcher. They set up a start just off I20 and wound around ending up at their new home in Granview for a Thanksgiving Turkey dinner. The

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Presidents Report November 2018

The President’s Report by Paul Higley   Hello Red River Triumph Club, It has been a warm but very wet month. Still we have had opportunities to drive our cars. The best example of this, was the Red River Shootout with our friends from the COVTR. It had been raining constantly the week before the shootout. The long period of heavy rain did not quite stop in time for those driving up on Friday afternoon. But it did clear out in time to have two beautiful days in Muenster. I admire those from both clubs that drove their Triumphs through the heavy rains Friday to get to Muenster. Jane and I had a late start and we trailered the TR3. The thought of rush hour traffic, in heavy rain, just did not look appealing. The drive home towing a trailer on a nice driving day made me wish it had

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