Red River Triumph Club

Drive Your Triumph Day

February 10, 2018 all-day
A letter from Rye Livingston, Triumph Travelers Sports Car Club

Dear Triumph Club,

Last year I reached out to as many Triumph Clubs as I could find around the world, encouraging everyone to celebrate Sir John Black’s Birthday on February 10th, the man who bought Standard/Triumph after WWII and built many of the Triumphs we enjoy today.

I received a great response with close to 150 photos sent to me from all over the world: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Finland, UK, across the USA and more.

It’s that time again to send out my request so it can be published on club websites, calendars and newsletters.

The concept is to go for a drive in your Triumph: on a country road, out to lunch, to the market, to work, where ever. Go for a drive alone or with a bunch of fellow Triumph Club members. Take a spouse, buddy, child, grandchild or dog. Go for a drive and then take a photo. The photo is mainly of the car, ideally in a cool spot or in front of a landmark, also in front of a market, hardware store or workplace is all-good.  Then send me the photo with basic info: name and place photo was taken and the year & model of the car. Remember, this is a photo taken on February 10th.

Last year I posted all the photos online,, and a large selection were published in the US national magazine of the Vintage Triumph Register,

If you live in part of the world where your car is stored for the winter, or your car is in restoration, you can still participate. Take a photo of the car in the garage and send it in.

I’ve set up a special email address to send photos:

For an example I’m including a photo I took on February 10th, 2017, in my “work in progress”, or Rat Rod, out for a drive with my dog.
Rye Livingston with Dixie Dog
Santa Cruz Mountains, CA
1960 TR3A

Please contact me with any questions you may have, and thank you in advance for getting the message out to your members to drive their Triumph on February 10th.


Rye Livingston
Activities Chairman
Triumph Travelers Sports Car Club
1960 Triumph TR3A