Index page for tech articles


Adjustments to Your Carbs for Altitude – How to cope with the altitude at VTR 2011 in Breckinridge

Tracing the Cause of TR6 Fuel Problems – Adventures with a TR fuel system

Establishing the Correct Tyre Pressure – Determine the optimal tire pressure for your car and your tires

Thrust Washers – An important but sometimes misunderstood piece of an engine rebuild

Interesting Triumph Based Racers– And other strange vehicles made from a Triumph

Random Tips – Various tips collected from around the club and the web

Battery Preservation – How they work, what makes them fail, and how to extend its life

Car Droppings – What to do with old car liquids

Seat Upholstery – An economical update of TR6 seats (Powerpoint .ppt)

Road Trip Packing List – A comprehensive list with comments

Gas Tanks – Overview of products and methods for fixing old, rusty gas tanks

Unleaded Gas – Do you need a lead substitute additive?

Gasohol – Occasionally-driven cars and today’s Ethanol/Methanol fuels

Chrome Care and Preservation – Includes recommendations from Henry Ford Museum

British Fuses – Not the same as the American “Standard”

New Concours Class Added – Modified Touring best fits the cars some of us are driving