Red River Triumph Club

British Fuses

by Lonny Walls
(Article from COVTR newsletter, “Triumph Trails”)

Here is some information on fuses for British cars. As you probably know, the British use a different standard for rating fuses. The British Standard that Triumph used rated fuses by the current that would make them blow instantly. The American (and now international) Standard rates fuses by the amount of current they will carry forever. What this means to you is that, if you elect to use common American fuses, such as Buss, in your Triumph, you need to use a much lower rated fuse than what your Triumph manual says to use. If you over fuse, you WILL let the smoke out of your wires!!

Below is a conversion chart, taken from a long-ago Buss fuse catalog:

50 AMP AGC 30
35 AMP AGC 25
30 AMP AGC 20
25 AMP AGC 15
20 AMP AGC 10
10 AMP AGC  7
5 AMP AGC  3