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Thanks for a Successful VTR 2016

Thanks for a Successful VTR 2016! Thanks to everyone who participated and made this a great event! It was a lot of hard work, but it was also a lot of fun. Congratulations to all the winners! And whether you got an award or not, everyone who […]

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Social Calendar

Social Calendar There are several ways for you to find information and stay informed about the events and activities at the 2016 VTR National Convention. We’ve added an Event Calendar function to the site, which you can find as a sub-menu under the “Event Info+” main […]

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Triumphs Coming to Texoma

Triumphs Coming to Texoma This years VTR National Convention will have 6 pre-war cars in attendance: 1932 Southern Cross 9 1935 Gloria Southern Cross (2) 1936 Gloria Southern Cross 1936 Gloria Vitesse (pictured) 1937 Gloria Southern Cross So far, we have registered 127 Triumphs, 27 different Triumph [...]Read more

Registration Discount Ends Today

Registration Discount Ends Today VTR 2016 is now just one month away, and the early registration $15 discount ends today, September 3. If you haven’t done so yet, please register online.  Even if you miss the early registration discount, please do register online as early as you […]

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Silent Auction

Silent Auction For those folks who have those extra car parts they just don’t need anymore and would like to sell, we will be having a silent auction Monday through Thursday.  There will be a limit of 10 items per registration and all should start with a […]

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President’s Message

President’s Message Hello Friends, On behalf of all Texans, The Red River Triumph Club extends to you a very hearty welcome to the 2016 Vintage Triumph Register Convention. With unforgettable sunsets, scenic landscapes rising from the rolling plains, to the heights of majestic Guadalupe peak, there is […]

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