President’s Message

Hello Friends,

On behalf of all Texans, The Red River Triumph Club extends to you a very hearty welcome to the 2016 Vintage Triumph Register Convention. With unforgettable sunsets, scenic landscapes rising from the rolling plains, to the heights of majestic Guadalupe peak, there is much to explore and enjoy in our great state.

We have selected the Lake Texoma area as our venue. Located north of Dallas/Ft Worth metropolitan area and bordering the Texas – Oklahoma state line, Lake Texoma offers over a 1000 miles of shoreline wrapping around 89,000 acres of sparkling freshwater. Our host hotel, Tanglewood Resort, is nestled on Lake Texoma and offers the finest accommodations, meeting areas and activities surrounded in a country setting and scenic views.

This year’s convention offers a full schedule. You will find many familiar events, like scenic drives and gimmick rallies, as well as some new events. In addition, autocross on a converted WWII airfield and a planned Concours plus antique airplane fly-in are just a few of the interesting points of this convention.

October is a great time of the year as you maneuver your Triumph through North Texas, where you will find the self-guided drives taking you through scenic areas around the lake and the events to be a challenge. It is always good to see so many come to the convention given all the demands on our time. But even with the planned schedule we have put together, there should be enough time to relax and explore what the area has to offer. Our hope is that you enjoy your Triumph, renew acquaintances, and exchange a few stories. After all, that is what this time is for!

I would like to thank the many RRTC club members and local city leaders that made this event possible. Please join me in thanking them for all of their efforts.

We hope you find this program useful as it will give details of the events, history, and places of interest around Lake Texoma. I encourage you to contact any of the RRTC members with any questions or concerns.

Welcome to Texas and I look forward to visiting with each of you.

Bigger in Texas, Better in a Triumph!


Michael Sabelhaus
Red River Triumph Club

2016 VTR National Convention
Bigger in Texas, Better in a Triumph