Social Calendar

Social Calendar

There are several ways for you to find information and stay informed about the events and activities at the 2016 VTR National Convention.

We’ve added an Event Calendar function to the site, which you can find as a sub-menu under the “Event Info+” main menu heading.  Each event is listed in detail, with day, time, location and description.  The calendar has several views– month, list, week, day.  I like the “Week” option, which gives a one-page listing of all the events.  When you click to get the details of an event, there are also links so you can post about the event on Facebook and Twitter.

Speaking of Facebook and Twitter, did you notice the icons at the top right of every page?  Click on these to join the conversation on our Facebook group “VTR 2016“, or follow us on Twitter “@vtr2016“.  And for the geeks who use an RSS feed, click on that icon to add updates from the web site.

Finally, the Event Program is available as a PDF to view or download.  Look for the Program sub-menu under the “Event Info+” main menu heading.  And the “Event Info” link on the main menu goes to a page with a quick listing of all the events.

You can also find important messages with the “Updates” link on the main menu.

We’re looking forward to seeing y’all at the 2016 VTR Nationals.

2016 VTR National Convention
Bigger in Texas, Better in a Triumph