Welcome to April which brings April Showers! 

What a strange time we are all experiencing right now.  Seemed small and on the other side of the world at first and quickly changed to something big and right here.   As COVID-19 sweeps through the countries, states and cities, we all adjust to our new normal.  We thank those that are caring for our sick, protecting us, feeding us, delivering what we need and keeping the essentials stocked.  Our thoughts are with those struggling right now.  Please check in with others and help how you can and don’t forget to help those servicing us as we are all in this together.  

Being a club built around social activities and our cars, it’s been sad to cancel so many events but it’s the right thing to do. In April, the breakfast club, lunch drive, and autocross are canceled.  May is starting to look the same with no breakfast club or Regionals.  As we can, events will be rescheduled.  

The 2020 VTR Southcentral Regionals is something many of us look forward to and work towards.  Dave is leading a discussion with all the southcentral clubs so we can decide about rescheduling or canceling for the year.  We’ll look at options and share when decisions have been made.  

As many of you, I’ve spent time doing some things I just never got around too – cupboards organized, closets cleaned out and my yard will look the best it’s looked in years.   For the May newsletter let’s share – What have you been doing that you just never got around too?  What project in the garage or on your car have you started or completed? 

Something a little fun…. 

Go to https://www.oreillyauto.com/ and type in 121G in the Search by… box.   Now who couldn’t use one of these! 

Did you know it’s National Tartan Day on April 6th?  As you work around the house and yard, put your kilt on and celebrate.  You are sure to bring a smile to your neighbors. 

As we all have some time on our hands, it’s a great time to reach out and chat with fellow RRTC members.  Call, text, email or video conference are great ways to stay connected.   

Hoppy Easter to all!  Stay safe and stay at home! 

See you back out there soon, Samantha