Hello Everyone!   

As Punxsutawney Phil predicted, it’s an early spring which means more opportunities to get out and drive your Triumph! Also means your annual RRTC dues are due – renew early and save Lois some work.  

To take advantage of this early spring, we have 3 great organized events to entice you to drive your Triumph this month – monthly meeting, breakfast club and lunch run.  Plus April is fast approaching which means REGIONALS!!  Have you booked your hotel room and registered yet?  Let’s support our COVTR neighbors of the north as they celebrate “The Mother Road”.  

February 10th was National Drive Your Triumph Day in honor of Sir John Black’s birthday.  You can view the posted pictures on the  Shutterfly site.  As you can see, the snow didn’t stop the roadster getting around and a guy in Australia found a fun place to stop.  

Also in February, we had the Polar Bear rally in 70 degree weather.  It was a great turnout at the rally with over 35 people attending.  No one got lost and no cars failed to move forward.  Thank you all for joining in the fun! 

At the rally, it was pointed out that we needed an Instagram page for our club.  We now have our RedRiverTriumphClub account setup with TD as the owner.  

TD and I recently returned from visiting Rome and Venice (yes the one in the news). As part of our tours in Rome, we took a Vespa tour.  The original plan was for TD to drive us but once there, we learned you must have an International driver’s license.  We ended up getting 2 drivers that zipped us all over Rome, which turned out for the best, as the Italian drivers are a little crazy.  The stop signs are optional, they zipped through tiny ally’s and between cars that caused me to squeal a few times.  My driver, who’s been singing to me in Italian and giving me info on the sites as we whiz past, just says don’t worry I’m a professional driver.  We ended up at a panoramic view where they setup off the cannon at noon and found a car show with Italian cars.  We took our “Roman Holiday” picture by the coliseum and I realized I hadn’t seen the movie.  After watching it on the plane home, I had to laugh at the scene with the princess driving the Vespa as that would have been me – weaving all over the road with little control.  Having a driver for drive-by’s on the sites was certainly more fun and mostly safe.  

Breaking News:  As you’ll read later in this newsletter, our monthly Tuesday meetings are being combined with our breakfast club on Saturday starting in April.  Now you can do your tech sessions in someone’s garage.  You don’t need to be the host to hold the tech sessions – we need you to host a tech session and share your knowledge with others.   

We will also begin RRTC Officer and committee chair meetings.   Meeting notes will be posted in the newsletter.  Larger topics will be brought to the breakfast club meetings.  

We are always looking for new events.  What is something you would like to do?  You can combine with the lunch run and bring others to share in the fun.  

What makes this club successful and fun is YOU!  Please stay involved and drive those Triumphs!   

May the luck of the Irish be with you! 

Drive ‘em, Don’t Hide ‘em!   

RRTC President