Welcome to May everyone!

Is everyone adjusting to the new normal? COVID-19 has changed how I look at things and how I make decisions. When I venture out to a store or restaurant, I notice who’s wearing a mask and who’s not. I think twice about going out – do I really need this or can I order online instead.

To those caring for our sick, protecting us, feeding us, delivering what we need and keeping the essentials stocked – THANK YOU! If anyone needs help, please reach out to your RRTC family or your other families. Help is out there. Please check in with others and don’t forget to help those servicing us as we are all in this together.

Unfortunately, TD’s breakfast has been canceled in May. I know you are missing his quiche! We’ll decide later this month about the blueberry picking and June club meeting. Maybe we’ll do a social distance rally in May.

In April, Dave organized a drive to his house that many completed. TD and I had plans to do this as well but it wasn’t meant to be. We started in car 1, got a short wise from home and I’m calculating how far we are driving from home to starting point to Dave’s to back home. We don’t have enough charge to make this. Back home we go to get another car. Car 2 is on the road and we are still in the neighborhood and realize something’s wrong. You press the gas and you don’t go very far. Back home we go. The fuel pump is leaking gas and a lot of it. At this point we’ve wasted an hour and decide someone is telling us not to get on the road today so we stayed home and worked on the cars and yard. I heard those that did make it, enjoyed the drive with some beautiful scenery down south and got some fresh eggs as a bonus. Thank you Dave!

Dave organized a meeting with the President’s and event coordinators earlier in April to discuss regionals. (see Officer Meeting Minutes) St Louis is joining the SC VTR and will be part of the regionals. Big Texas welcome to St Louis! We have the rotation set and the only outstanding item was regionals 2021. Just last week, we got that finalized as well. COVTR is going to host VTR Nationals 2021 in September (dates to be decided). Since they had most of the work done for regionals 2020, it won’t take much more work to get ready for Nationals instead. The RRTC club has offered to help with staffing as needed. Please pencil in VTR Nationals September 2021 in OKC. In 2021, we will not have a regionals. This was agreed upon by all SC VTR President’s so people don’t have to decide between the 2 events. In spring 2021, we may organize a Show ‘n Meet at a car show already planned. We could host a RRTC dinner during the event and/or drive. We’ll see what ideas people have and what spring brings.

In honor of Regionals 2020, members posted pictures from previous regionals to the Red River Triumph Club Facebook page April 30 – May 2. Tommie and Susan even hosted a Blind Mans Bluff up your driveway.

The month of May brings some fun holidays you can celebrate such as

· Star Wars day May 4 – great day to binge watch and the let force be with you

· Cinco de Mayo May 5 – Margaritas anyone! I love that you can get them to go now.

· Nurses day May 6 – Take time today to thank and celebrate all our nurses

· Mother’s Day May 10 – You know what to do!

· Limerick Day May 12

§ A rapscallion whose name was LaMar Knew a way to abscond with a car. If the owner should leave It unlocked, he would grieve When LaMar took the car very far.

· Memorial Day May 25 – Take time today to thank all those in the military

Stay connected everyone! Make it a point to reach out to fellow RRTC members. Call, text, email or video conference are great ways to stay connected.

Stay safe and stay at home if you choose, as staying on lock down is up to you as things start to open.

See you back out there soon, Samantha