Welcome to August! 

I hope everyone is doing well and staying cool!  The summer hasn’t been crazy hot (yet) which made it easier to go out for drives, walks, and gardening.   It’s all about staying busy and staying active. 

I finally got my car inspected (was due in April) so I can mark that off the car list.  The TR6 has a shiny new radiator thanks to TD and seems to be holding a cool temperature.  We’ve taken the cars out a few times to get pictures on the good sunset days or just to drive around the neighborhood. 

In July at work, we normally do a big event in Las Vegas and essentially take over the town with the 10’s of thousands of attendees.  This year the event went digital for 4 days running around the clock to cover the time zones.  It was quite a feat to have the keynotes available for all to watch during their working hours, to take questions live, to have the network capacity to handle the video and audio streaming of multiple sessions running at one time and just the coordination and prep work needed.  It was amazing to see this all come together and to provide it to more people than we ever have with community rooms, live streaming from different zoos (orangutans, penguins, elephants, …) for when you needed a break, and all while we sat at home.   The world and technology have certainly changed.

For the club, July was a quiet month.  We’ll see what August brings us.  We tentatively have a pool party in latter part of August but the official Breakfast Club meeting is canceled.   For the fall, we may have a rally ending at a winery, overnight trip to Jefferson, TCC Car Show, Turkey Trot and breakfast club meetings.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed things improve across the state.

Did anyone catch the Kastner Cup in late June with a nice line-up of Triumphs? If you missed it, there are in-car videos available for your viewing pleasure. 

I know many of us are watching TV so here’s some movies and TV shows that have Triumph cars. You can play “Who spots it first” with your family:

  • Legend – Spitfire
  • Three Men and a Baby – TR6
  • Starsky and Hutch – TR3A, Spitfire, TR6
  • Straw Dogs – Stag
  • Diamonds are Forever – Stag
  • The Great Holidays – TR4A and Herald Saloon
  • Thunderball – Herald

As we are at home, here’s some things you can celebrate in August, renamed by Augustus Caesar, first emperor of Rome, because of his many greatest triumphs during this month:

  • August 1: Special day for shelter dogs as it’s their universal birthday
  • August 7: International Beer day
  • August 13: International Lefthanders day
  • August 21: National Senior Citizens Day
  • August 27: International Lottery day
  • August 28: National Red Wine day

Get out and drive your Triumph!  Stay connected everyone!  Make it a point to reach out to fellow RRTC members.  Call, text, email or video conference are great ways to stay connected. 

See you back out there when you are ready!